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The Advantages of New Construction Homes for 55+ Home Buyer 

For home buyers over 55 years old, purchasing a new home comes with plenty of decisions, including whether to buy new construction or an existing home. We look at some of the advantages of buying new construction and how they can benefit the 55+ homeowner.

Visualizing Your Way into a Custom Home

Virtual reality is increasingly being used by architects and home builders to help clients in visualizing and designing a custom home. We look at how this technology helps turn that dream home into the real thing.

Why Single Women Should Build Custom Homes

What makes building a custom home a great choice for single ladies? Well the simplest answer is this: You can have everything you want, exactly how you want it.

5 Common Myths About Custom Homes

You’d love to own a custom-built dream home, but is a custom home within reach? The answer is yes. We bust 5 common myths about building a custom home so you can make your dream a reality.

Are Custom Homes Worth It?

A custom home is perfect for families who want to build their forever home, fit to their exact specifications. Custom homes, however, are more time consuming and costly to build, so are they worth building over a production home? NewHomeSource gives you the reasons why a custom home may be right for you.

What Does "BOYL" Mean?

The real estate industry acronym BOYL means Build on Your Own Lot. Find out more about the BOYL option and if it is the right way to complete your journey to homeownership.

Smaller Lots Make New Homes Affordable

Lot sizes for new homes have been steadily shrinking, so what does this trend mean for new home buyers today? We take a look at several factors behind lot sizes and whether smaller lots are good, bad or just different.

8 Misconceptions About Building a New Home You’re interested in building a brand new home, but certain fears about the process and cost keep holding you back. We bust 8 common misconceptions about building new homes to help you move forward in your home-buying decision.

Choosing the Right Floor Plan for Your Family

When building your new dream home, you want to get the floor plan just right. But how do you know which layout is best for you? We’ve got some suggestions to get you on the right path.

How to Plan for a Successful Open House

If you are ready to sell your old home to get into a new one, it’s nearly time for an open house. Holding an open house is a great way to get people interested in your new home – if you plan well. Here’s how to set your event up for success, whether you are working with a realtor or selling on your own.

How Big Should Your New Home Be?

When it comes to your home, size really does matter. NewHomeSource explains why and also offers tips on how to pick the perfect sized home for your life and your family.

Do Your Homework Right: How to Avoid the Most Common Mistakes Made by New Homeowners

Now that you’ve moved into your new home, you may try to utilize spaces in and out of the home that it may not have been built for. Here’s how to maintain your new home properly.

What We Can Learn from Tiny Homes: Tips for Maximizing Your Space

Living with a more minimalistic approach to your home style is ideal, but it’s not for everybody. Even if you aren’t ready to downsize to a tiny home, you can still get tiny home advantages in a not so-tiny footprint. NewHomeSource has tips for you to apply these Minimalist home concepts into your traditional new home design.

5 Ways to Make Your New Build Feel Like Home From landscaping your yard to interior decorating, NewHomeSource shares ways to give your brand new home a more personal, cozy touch

How Much Does It Cost Per Square Foot to Build a New House?

The cost per square foot to build a house varies throughout the country and depends on factors such as cost of materials and labor. As it turns out, the average cost to build a home in the United States is less than $90. Here’s more on how much it costs to build a new home per square foot.

How Much Does it Cost to Build a House?

Building a home is an exciting journey – with a rewarding outcome. But, first you have to understand how much it costs to build a home. This article will help you understand the costs of building a new home and how that compares with the cost of buying and updating a resale home.

The Benefits of a Properly Insulated New Home Garage

Garages aren’t just for vehicle storage. A well-insulated garage can not only reduce your new home’s energy costs, but also give you more options for using the space. It has detailed what you should know about garage insulation so you can work with your new home builder to create a space that perfect fits your needs.

Building a Home with an Income Suite

Building a home with an income suite can be a great way to help offset your monthly mortgage payment or other home-related costs. Here’s what you should know ask income suites.

Is LED Lighting Right for Your New Home? LED (light-emitting diode) lighting can be an energy-efficient and safer lighting option for your newly built home. This article looks at the benefits of LED lighting compared to traditional incandescent bulbs or compact fluorescent (CFL) bulbs.

Welcome to Buyers Blueprint

NewHomeSource believes knowledge is power, so we’ve developed a newsletter tailored to all aspects of home buying: Buyers Blueprint. Our regular weekly publication will arrive via email and offer insights and tips on how to successfully navigate new home buying, from beginning to end.

Landing the Perfect Lot: Tips for Buying and Financing Your Lot

With the right homework, a team of professionals providing guidance and a good dose of patience, you can land the perfect lot and be closed on your loan quickly.

Build Together, Stay Together: Advice for Couples in the Homebuilding Process

Congratulations on your choice to purchase the home of your dreams! As you embark on your new home journey, you may find there are disagreements between you and your spouse or partner. Here’s how you can avoid the drama and move one step closer to your dream home.

Top 11 Signs it's Time for a New Home Sometimes life events or personal situations call for a new home. Here are the top 11 signs that it’s time to find a new home.

Buying Your Dream Home Later in Life Homeowners who missed out on the opportunity to buy their brand-new dream home in their 20s or 30s, still can get that home later in life. Here’s a look at advantages of a new construction home for the move-up buyers whose starter was a resale house.

What to Consider Before Buying a Resort Home

New homes are a good fit for vacation home purchasers since they don’t need maintenance and offer a turnkey lifestyle. Before choosing a resort home, be sure it matches your preferred location, climate and activities.

Is the Open Floor Plan Closing? Open floor plans are all the rage in new homes, but some buyers prefer a traditional floor plan. Reasons include not using the kitchen much and wanting a formal space to entertain. Here’s a look at why the open floor plan may be closing.

Which Home is Right for You: New or Resale? Shiny and new or tried and true? Buying a new home is a big deal and the decision-making process can be overwhelming. Here’s a guide of things to consider as you wade through the ultimate question of newly built homes versus used real estate.

Do You Have to Be Rich to Build a Custom Home?

Have you daydreamed about building a custom home, but never thought you could afford such an endeavor? Turns out, you don’t have to be rich to build a custom home! Here are some tips to help even non-millionaires get one step closer to their dream custom home.

What’s Ahead for New Homes? Homes That Live Large and Cost Right

What are the features you’ll likely find in new single-family homes this year? And what are the essential spaces that Millennials say they expect in a home? In this article, we discuss popular and essential home features in new homes and where homes are going, as described by industry experts.

Should You Rebuild Your Home After a Disaster?

When disaster strikes and your home is destroyed or damaged, should you rebuild your home or walk away? This emotional decision depends on how much you have invested, personally and financially, in the home. Here’s more on what to consider when dealing with a disaster.

QUIZ Which Home Style is Right for You

Tuscan. Mid-Century Modern. Farmhouse. How do you decide which home style is right for you? Our quick quiz will help you figure out what style is right for you and your family.

Voice Control is Changing How We Connect with Our Homes

In the future, maintaining your home may be as simple as saying “OK, Google,” “Hey, Siri” or simply “Alexa.” Here’s how voice control is changing how we connect with our homes.

New Homes Deliver the Top 10 Features Home Buyers Want

There's strong consensus on the top features that today's home buyers want in their next home. And it turns out that new homes do a better job of meeting those needs than resale houses do,

What are Some Cutting-Edge Innovations in New Homes?

Homebuilders are offering newer, better features in new homes that are designed to meet specific needs and wants of today’s homebuyers. Here’s a look at three homebuilders who are leading the pack in cutting-edge innovations in new residential housing.

Smaller Is Spacious: Downsizing Into a New-Construction Home

When it’s time for downsizing, moving into a new-construction home might be ideal. Open-concept floor plans and more efficient use of space by homebuilders means you may find a new home to feel bigger, even with less square feet. Here’s how downsizing into a new-construction home may be more spacious for your family.

When Is the Best Time to Buy a New Home?

Conventional thinking says that spring is the best time to buy a new home. But perhaps more important than the season is your own personal timetable and needs. To help you decide which time of year is the best time for you to buy, consider these tips from leading real estate experts.

These Are The Top Features Homebuyers Want in a Home

Recent surveys by Better Homes and Garden magazine and the National Association of Home Builders found just what homebuyers want in new homes, particularly Millennials. Here’s what they found.

What Kind of Homebuyer are You?

Are you looking solely for a newly built home, considering new construction and resale homes, or shopping existing homes only? A survey from Builders Digital Experience shows that 20 percent of home shoppers strongly prefer new homes and 35 percent consider both new and resale homes. Which do you prefer?

What Homeowners Need to Know about Drone Use in Home Construction

What should you know about drone use in home construction? We have the lowdown on how the use of drones can benefit those building a new home.

What Home Buyers Want in a New Home What do most home buyers want? A recent survey asked more than 3,600 people who bought a newly built home last year to rank the features that were most important in their new home. How do their preferences compare to yours?

How Smart Home Technology is Changing Today's Homes

What started out as a technology that once seemed kitschy has transformed the way we design our homes. Here’s how smart home technology is changing our homes for the better.

Six Steps to Buying and Building a House Thinking of buying or building a new home? Where do you even start? New Home Source has six steps to help you when buying and building a house.

Six Shortcuts to Selecting a Builder Selecting the right builder for your new home is an important decision. Here are six proven shortcuts to help you develop a better list of finalists faster.

Seven Lessons Learned from Recent Homebuyers, Architects and Builders

You’ve decided to build your new home. Congratulations! But, now what? Avoid the pitfalls that many new homeowners have stumbled upon with these lessons learned from recent home buyers and advice from architects and home builders.

No Longer Down in the Dungeon: Basements are Back

Basements aren’t often described as homey or cozy — until now. The latest trends in finished basements can add value to your home and offer you a relaxing space to entertain family and friends. Here what to know to take your new home’s basement to a different level.

More Smaller Houses Coming

New homes will be smaller than they were in the last few years, at around 2,400 square feet. However, builders are optimistic that inventory levels will pick up and that Millennials will start buying homes.

Making the Most of Your HOA or Condo Dollars

When comparing homeowners association or condo fees, amenities and rules should be on your list of topics to research before you decide on your preferred community. Here’s why.

Living in the HOA: Most Home Owners Like Their Home Owner Association

Homeowners associations (HOAs) are often characterized as an unwavering group of neighbors determined to restrict homeowner rights. But, according to recent research, most of those who live under home owner associations are happy with their communities.

Function Over Size: Is a Bigger Home Better?Is a bigger home better? Not necessarily, as more home buyers seek functional homes that fit their lifestyle. In fact, more buyers say they would buy a smaller home if it had more features they value, like lots of storage space and bigger rooms.

How to Read a Floor Plan

Reading a floor plan can be a little intimidating at first. However, floor plans are a helpful way to determine if one model may work for you and your lifestyle over another model. In this article, an architect offers tips for using a floor plan to getting the most out of floor plans to find your dream home.

How to Evaluate Schools When Buying a New Home

If you have children — and even if you don’t — an important consideration when purchasing a new home is if the schools in the area are up to par. Here are a few ideas on how to evaluate schools during your home search.

How to Choose the Perfect Vacation Home

If you’re planning for your next new-home purchase to be a vacation home, it’s important you do a little due diligence to make sure the home is what you dreamed of. Here’s what to consider when buying a vacation home.

How Builders Make New Homes More Spacious, Inside and Out

Today’s new homes aren’t just bigger physically, they also feel bigger. That’s because builders are using different techniques to get the most out of a home. Here’s how your builder is making your new home more spacious.

Getting the Most Out of New Home Source

Now that you’ve decided to search for a new home, where do you even start? Here’s a quick guide to getting the most out of New Home Source to get you on the right path to your new home.

Changing Room Names Reflect How We Live

Who’s hanging out in their parlor? No one, it seems. At least not anymore. What was formerly known as the parlor, a popular entertaining room, is now the, well, room where you entertain folks. A funny thing happened over the years — we started referring to rooms to reflect the way we live.

Smart Tech in New Homes: Builders Embrace a Digital Age

It’s important to keep up with the latest technology, even in the housing industry. How are today’s builders keeping up with the smart tech in their new homes? Sources by New Home Source

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