New York City Neighborhood Map


Manhattan, arguably New York City's most popular borough, is made up of many different districts or neighborhoods with unique personalities, architecture, distinct flavors and colorful histories including:

Tribeca    SoHo    Chelsea   Greenwich Village   East Village Little Italy Lower East Side Chinatown Financial District 

Manhattan is split into "districts", some of which have become synonymous with geographic & neighborhood vernacular such as the Flatiron District, The Meatpacking District and The Garment District. There are also well known "squares" such as Times Square, Union Square, Lincoln Square and Herald Square and "heights" such as Washington Heights and Morningside Heights. More than any other US city, many of Manhattan's early neighborhoods were rooted in their ethnic history such as Little Italy and Chinatown to name a few obvious ones.

Manhattan has a few unique geographic acronyms that are cool to know when you are visiting such as SoHo (SOuth of HOuston Street), NoHo (NOrth of HOuston Street), Tribeca (the TRIangle BElow CAnal Street) and NoLita (NOrth of LIttel ITAly)