Real Estate Airrights and Assemblage

Real Estate Air Rights and Assemblage


Real Estate Acquisition


Lee Realty Group a Lee Group LLC provides our clients with acquisition advisory services both directly and through its affiliated relationships. Asset identification, underwriting, market research and contract negotiations are just a few of the services provided. 

Real Estate Auctions


Our concierge auction service provides luxury home auctions in as little as 30 days. Luxury Residential  · Commercial · Farm/Ranch/Land · Fiduciary/Trustee. We reviews your property and will make a recommendation for an auction solution that meets your needs. ... 


It is estimated that tenants save an average of five times the cost incurred through effective representation. Tenant Representation Services include leveraging local, regional and national contacts combined with extensive market knowledge to obtain the best locations that align with every client’s individual need as well as lease negotiation strategies ensuring individual client needs are addressed throughout the transaction. Whether you are searching for a new location, negotiating a renewal or disposing of additional square footage, I am here to help. Tenant Representation has become a popular option for businesses from National retailers to Local/Mom and Pop entrepreneurs and the fee is typically paid by the landlord. Want additional information? 

Landlord Representation

The Commercial and luxury residential Landlord Representative

The landlord rep is legally obligated to represent the landlord's best interest. The landlord agents primary responsibility is to market the property, attract potential tenants, and work to get the highest lease rates and best terms possible for the building owner. 

We handles many different property types: 

Apartment Buildings

  • Commercial Buildings, 
  • Condos & Co-Ops
  • Retail Spaces
  • Loft Buildings
  • Office Properties
  •  Development / Conversion Sites
  •  Industrial Properties
  •  Mixed-Use Buildings
  •  Townhouses
  •  Retail Storefronts
  •  Residential Income Properties
  •  Complimentary Property Evaluation & Capital Services: 

Capital & Finance

Management Services

Asset Management


Building Management


Construction Management


Design & Development Management


Portfolio Management


Property Management


Our Property Management Affiliated Partner

EB-5 Legal Services

1031 Exchange

Our Insurance Partners

Small Business Insurance

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